Cash Creation Bootcamp Day 4

Welcome to the
Build Your 30-Day Cash Creation Game Plan
4-Day Boot Camp

Day Four: How to Create and Commit to Your 30-Day Cash Creation Game Plan

Step 1: Watch the "Day Four" video below
Step 2: Complete the activity and share in the thread
Step 3: Check out Accelerator! Create Your 90-Day Success Plan VIP Workshop details.
Step 4: Celebrate!

Step 1: Watch Today's Video

Step 2: Day Four Activity 

Download today's workbook (Your 30 Day Game Plan). 

Go to the Day 4 Thread in the Bold and Successful Women Business Owners Facebook group and share your daily assignment in the comments

Day Four - Your 30 Day Cash Creation Game Plan:

- List your daily and weekly non-negotiables

- Create your 30 Day Cash Creation Game Plan

- Declare it! 

- How are you feeling about it?

- In today's thread, share a list of your non-negotiables, a picture of your Game Plan, your declaration, and how you're feeling after the boot camp.

Do you want help? 

Take it a step further and creating your Cash Creation Game Plan for the rest of 2022!

I love, love, love to break down goals and create actionable plans with my clients. Ones that get results!

So much so, I’m running a 1-day "get-it-done" workshop! The “Accelerator! Create Your 90-Day Success Plan” VIP Workshop 

And it is happening on Tuesday, September 27th, 2022.

Step 4: Celebrate!

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