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Wake Up Every Day to New People on
Your List and Money in the Bank!

The Client Magnet Machine 30-Day Bootcamp has everything
you need to automatically grow a profitable email list.

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Join now, and launch your Client Magnet Machine in 30 days! 

Can you relate to any of these?

You feel like a best-kept secret. You have an incredible offer, but no one is buying. 
You're missing out because you're not top of mind when your quality leads are ready to buy.
You're good at cultivating know, like, and trust, but people just aren't converting to clients.
Your email list is small, and/or you hear crickets from it. 
You know you need a system to build your list, but you don't know where to start.

I get it. I struggled with the "I don't want to intrude" mindset for way too long. Feeling frustrated and discouraged that I wasn't connecting with clients, and my audience was small and unresponsive. 

What if you had a system that did it for you automatically?

One that you could leverage again and again to grow your list and close sales!  

Summit that Sizzle

What would it do for your business if you created your own automatic client attraction system?

How would you like to: 

Build a large engaged email list. 
Have an automated system that embraces new people and leads them to an irresistible offer. 
Stand out from everyone else by simply letting your voice come through.
Wake up daily to new people on your list and money in the bank!
Wow new subscribers, and create raving fans
Have a system that you can quickly, and easily adapt to bring in new leads and sales! 

It is time to skyrocket your results by creating
your unique Client Magnet Machine.

That's what your client attraction system can do for you!

Introducing the
Client Magnet Machine 30-Day "Done with You" Bootcamp

Everything you need to automatically grow a profitable email list.

Spring Special over 37% Off!

Each week, for 4 weeks, you'll have my support.
I'm all in and here for you! 

In this "done with you" bootcamp, you can work on ANY type of client attraction system you want.

Create your first or next Lead Magnet/Freebie.
Develop a low-ticket offer to use as a tripwire or to participate in giveaways, bundles, and/or summits.
Client Magnet Machine

Here's what you'll be doing in the 30-day bootcamp



In week 1 you'll:

Establish your goals - including sales.
Identify your audience and the purpose of your lead magnet/offer.
Brainstorm and test out lead magnet topics.
Create your marketing plan to launch it will a bang.

Week TWO


In week 2 you'll: 

Create your new lead magnet/offer and format it.
Write the copy for a simple and highly converting landing page.
Decide on the format and  identify a clear call to action for your Thank You page. 
Outline your email welcome sequence. 

WEEK Three


It's time to get it done! In week 3 you'll:

Create your landing page
Create your thank you page 
Set up your email marketing system and write your welcome emails. 
Integrate and test it to ensure everything is working seamlessly together. 

Week 4


It's time to get it out in the world! In week 4 you'll: 

Finish up creating and testing your system.
Create the content to launch your new freebie/offer
Get your first subscribers

At the end of 30 days, you'll have done it!
It's time to welcome
New People on Your List, and Money in the Bank!

The Client Magnet Machine 30-Day Bootcamp includes:

4 Live Virtual Coaching Calls - so you're crystal clear on each step, and bust through any mindsets that might be holding you back. ($1000 Value) 
4 Content-Packed Modules delivered in daily bite-sized videos containing strategies, systems, and ACTION steps. ($1000 Value)
Client Magnet Machine Success Kit with sample client attraction systems, templates, checklists, email welcome sequences, and more! ($500+ Value)
Private Facebook Group for unlimited brainstorming, coaching, and questions. (Priceless)
"In the moment" feedback and reviews.
Tool recommendations and walkthroughs. ($500+ Value)
Pre-Work to Nail Your Message
Weekly Office Hours - to support you and keep you on track

When does all this awesomeness start?

We kick off on Monday, May 8th, 2023

Total value over $3000
Client Magnet Machine Bootcamp is only $797 USD!!

I want you to celebrate Spring! 

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Spring Special over 37% Off!


Every business needs an engaging, captivating automatic system
that moves people from strangers to paying clients. 

Does the thought of creating your system seem overwhelming?

Creating your Client Magnet Machine isn't about complexity; it's about creating a system that's engaging, and provides opportunities for your amazing clients to transform. 

A system that brings your voice, and your awesome offers to the people who are waiting for them! You choose the system, and we will work together to create one that stands out and automatically works for you!

Before you second-guess if this can work for you or your niche, here's what you need to know:

According to recent studies, email marketing is still the most effective way to engage with people and make sales.
91% of consumers check their emails at least once a day, some as much as 5 times an hour!
It’s often the first thing people do online; 58% of users check their email before they check out social media or the news.
Emails are the simplest way to build relationships with people and provide special offers for your services, and/or products.  

This program is for you if you...

Are ready to take control of your business, and take messy action! 
Do not have a list.
Have a list, but it just not working for you. 
Are unsure where to start! (We'll figure that out together.) 

In this program, you'll... 

Plan, create, implement, and launch your unique list building system.
Automate making seamless irresistible offers.