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Unlimited Support

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and make a bigger impact?

 Do you feel pulled in all direction and find it hard to focus on what is most important to you and your business? 

Do you have so many ideas that it's sometimes hard to figure out what to do next in your business?

Do you want support?

Look no further!
You need a Coach in Your Pocket! 

This is for you if you know you'd benefit from:

One-on-one coaching and strategizing.
A soundboard and in-the-moment feedback.
Ongoing accountability.
Help identifying and breaking through mindset blocks.
Someone in your corner cheering you on! 

Let's work together to: 

Design your custom 90-Day Action Plan that WORKS for you and break it down to weekly measurable actions.
Get clear on how to consistently get clients with ease.
Build and grow your audience of loyal readers, clients, and customers.
Pick marketing strategies aligned with you and your business.
Bust through limiting beliefs and shift your mindset. 


Coach in Your Pocket

Your Virtual VIP Voxer Coach

Empowering you to simplify, focus, and
achieve the business results your desire, your way!

Hi, I'm Heather Cameron

I'm a Client Attraction Strategist, and Business Coach. I'm passionate about helping women create thriving businesses. 

I combine my natural intuition, engineering, and coaching background to help you simplify and systemize your client attraction system that turns followers into awesome paying clients, even while you're sleeping! 

I've been helping women create and grow successful businesses for over 15 years, and I'd love to help you too!

This is a unique opportunity to get one-on-one coaching, support, and accountability at a fraction of the price of my regular coaching. It's an amazing deal!

Ready to get started?

Focus, Direction, A Plan

After my first call with Heather, I not only had a 90-day plan, but also for the first time ever, a product idea which aligned with my experience and expertise from many years in the corporate world. 

Heather saw what I couldn't. I would not be where I am now if it wasn't for Heather's support and encouragement, making sure I stay on track and keeping me accountable. 

Wilna Joubert

Here's how the Coach in Your Pocket Works:


Join the Coach in Your Pocket Program below. 

Gain instant access to our tailored questionnaire to pinpoint your unique focus and goals for a personalized experience.


Coach in Your Pocket takes place over the Voxer app

You'll be able to seamlessly connect with me through text and voice messaging over any device.


With Coach in Your Pocket we start with what is most important to you. 

Kickstart your journey with a Personalized Action Plan tailored to your business goals.

Go! It's time to get stuff done!

Coach in Your Pocket, Voxer VIP Coaching, allows you to reach out for help the moment you need it and fit it around your day. You can leave a message anytime, day or night, weekday, or weekend, so you never forget a thought or a question. 

I'll answer back during my Voxer hours - Monday through Thursday from 10 am EST to 8 pm EST. 

Weekly Check-ins!

Begin each week with a "Focus for the Week Check-in" and end with a celebration as you share and "Celebrate Your Accomplishments"  

This coaching journey is yours to shape.

Engage daily, setting intentions or sharing your results. Your pace, your way.

Experience the Power of Coach in Your Pocket!
Receive timely feedback and keep your momentum going.
(No more waiting for schedule calls.) 

Yes, I want a Coach in My Pocket!

Join the "Pay As You Go" plan
Commit to 90 Days, lock in the current price, and receive a bonus private 90-Day Action Planning Zoom Call (valued at $250). 

US and International

$350 USD

Pay as you go!

Charged monthly

$1000 USD

3-Month Plan

Bonus: One private 90-Day Sprint Planning Zoom Call



$455 CAD

Pay as you go!

Charged monthly

$1300 CAD

3-Month Plan

Bonus: One private 90-Day Sprint Planning Zoom Call


Price doesn't include HST/GST for Canadians

Heather I'm interested, can we chat to see if it is right for me?

Absolutely, book a free "no pressure" call to make sure it is a fit. 

Real people, real results!

Kim Wright

No More Playing Safe!

I've experienced many break through since working with Heather. Nailing my area of expertise was the start of what I need for my business. I've always know what I wanted for my business but with a broad skill set deciding on one thing I could offer was always a challenge. It is with Heather helps that System in Week was born. 

Kim Wright

I Glow with Confidence!

After a coaching call with Heather, I often glow with confidence and excitement.

Heather has a talent for breaking through my overwhelm and transforming my broad ideas in my business into specific manageable actions that help me to service my clients with ease.

Carletta Shannon

Got a Question? Here's the Answer...

What is Voxer?

Voxer is a free app that turns your phone into a walkie-talkie. Voxer allows you to directly contact me in a private channel, so you can easily share your ideas, ask questions, seek advice, declare your goals and be accountable. 

The beauty of using Voxer is that you can reach out when you need the support. You don't need to wait for a coaching call. You can speak things out loud as they come up and know that you'll receive a detail response back. 

Why Voxer?

Because it works! Really! 

I've been working with my own coach over Voxer for several months and there is nothing like it. I can share my thoughts and questions in the moment when they're happening. 

Imagine yourself …

  • Talking through your new idea while it’s still in the messy stage.
  • Work through mindset blocks in the moment. 
  • Discussing your next steps for your unique Action Plan.
  • Feeling confident that you're on the right track for your business.
  • Being supported and held accountable to your own unique plan. 

It not only gives you direct 1:1 private access to me, but you get to go at your own pace. You have time to consider what we're talking about before you respond, and you can go back and listen to important messages in your own time.

How does Coach in Your Pocket Work?

My Voxer office hours are 10 am EST to 8 pm EST Monday through Thursday. I will respond to your messages within a few hours or 1st thing the next business day. 

We'll start each week with a "Your Focus for the Week Check-in" and end with celebrating what you've accomplished. If you want, you can do daily check-in to set your intention for the day. 

The beauty of Voxer coaching is that instead of waiting for a coaching call, you can send questions and share your thoughts as they happen. You'll receive feedback and detailed responses. You can take time to ask questions, implement ideas.

What will we work on?

Whatever you need! 

We'll start with some questions to develop your 90-Day Action Plan. Action being the key word; if you want results you need to start "doing"! Coach in Your Pocket is designed to support you to be in Action, hold you accountable to your plan, determine your next step, and work through any issues, including mindset blocks. 

My coaching clients have launched new programs, grown their email list by 1000's, tripled their prices, and more. 

Is this coaching program with you personally?

Yes, all of the coaching will be with me. I love this program; I love working directly with clients and seeing the results they get from taking quick inspired action! 

When does it start?

As soon as you register you'll receive instructions on how to set up Voxer and a questionnaire to get our coaching conversation started. 

I have a limited amount of spots for the Coach in Your Pocket Program. If the buttons above say "buy now" there is space in the program.  

How often can I Vox you?

As often as you like. Seriously, there is power in just speaking your thoughts out loud and knowing you'll be heard. 

During my "Voxer hours" I'll answer back within a few hours, often sooner. If you leave a message outside of my Voxer hours I'll respond first thing on my next Voxer day.

Am I a good fit? (Have more questions?)

The Coach in Your Pocket Program will fit any business model because it's all about your needs and the actions you want to take. If you want to make sure this program is a good fit for you book a quick call here:

Ready to take the next step in your business journey?
Start your transformation with Coach in Your Pocket today!

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