Are you ready to welcome 100's, if not 1000's to your list, establish yourself as an authority in your niche,
and make a profit?

List Build Events Made Easy

Massively grow your audience by hosting a successful online event! 

What is the quickest way to reach and inspire more people?

The quickest way I know to reach more people and build a list of raving fans is to host a free online event -- even if you're relatively new! 

In fact, it's the number one way my clients grow their lists and, it's a whole lot of fun!  


List building events use the power of creating a win-win-win relationship by leveraging each other's audience while providing massive value and results for the people who attend. 

You can literally reach 10,000's of people with one event! 

BONUS: As the host you're front and center -- the expert!

What would this do for your business?

You can skyrocket your results by hosting an online event. How would you like to: 

Build a large, engaged email list quickly 
Establish yourself as an expert in your industry 
Make a profit 
Create raving fans
Build relationships and long-lasting connections
Inspire 1000's of people

Does this sound like you?

You have a small list and it's just not growing fast enough.

You spend hours posting on social media, doing reels, going live and/or speaking on podcasts, and are only getting a trickle of new people. 

You know your offers rock but not enough people are seeing them.

You hear crickets instead of cha-ching when you do a launch.

If you're ready to add hundreds (or thousands) of people to your list  and make a profit
this program is for you!

Wilna Joubert

"I ran my first giveaway this week and for me it was not just a personal breakthrough and milestone, it was also hugely successful. I added just under 1000 people to my list in 3 days! Heather thank you for all the support and encouragement."

This program will teach you my proven 6 step formula

I'll show you step by step how to host a successful online event that will grow your email list by 100's, establish you as an expert, and is profitable. 

During the List Build Events Made Easy Program you'll learn everything you need to run an online event that your contributors love and attendees rave about. 

What type of event? You choose! You can either host a giveaway, bundle or a virtual summit!  The truth is 80% of the process and work is the same. 

List Build Events Make Easy

List Build Events Made Easy

Everything you need to host a successful
and profitable online event!

My proven system has 6 easy-to-follow modules

Module 1

Plan to Standout

"A goal without a plan is just a wish