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Nail Your Message!
Master Class Replay

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Nail Your Message! Master Class Replay

🎉Special Announcement 🎉Special Announcement


Client & Cash Activator

For Women Business Owners who are ready to get into ACTION and access a consistent flow of High-Quality Paying Clients.

Are you ready to stop learning, start doing and get results NOW?

The Client & Cash Activator is for you if you:

Are tired of feeling like you're working hard but SPINNING in place
Struggle to find a CONSISTENT stream of new clients
Are ready to take ACTION, and do the work
Want consistent monthly GROWTH
Know you get results when you are held ACCOUNTABLE
Realize you need BUSINESS SYSTEMS that consistently bring in clients with ease

Client & Cash Activator isn't like other programs. 

It's all about ACTION!

You'll be 100% focused on your unique 90-Day Sprint Plans until you achieve the results you want!

This isn't another course where you have access to endless videos showing you what to do. This is about rolling up your sleeves and doing the work.

It's a combination of: 
In-the-moment Training
A supportive MastermInd
Taking Ownership

The Client & Cash Activator includes:

A Monthly
Planning Call

Weekly Group Coaching & Accountability Calls

Monthly Marketing Challenges

Training and Support

Q&A Time

Facebook Group

And more!

You can check out all of the details (including price) starting at the 1 hour and 11 minute point in the replay video above!

I'm ready to standout, attract clients, and elevate my business!

Heather I'm interested, can we chat to see if it is right for me?

Absolutely, book a free 30-minute "no pressure" call to make sure it is a fit. 

Your Client and Cash Activator
Is designed to support you to:

Crystalize your cash goals, your ideal audience, and your magnetic message so you're drawing your amazing clients to you! 

Systemize so that you can receive your amazing clients with ease and focus your energy in the most profitable and result-oriented places. 

Monetize, yes, it's time to monetize your amazing talents and expertise, sell out your offers and scale to 5-figure months and beyond

Realize, shift your mindset and confidence, and activate your unique client attraction and money-making system.  


    Waking up every morning to new people on your list, new clients and money in the bank!

Sell out your offers, month after month!

Knowing your marketing is rocking it and your audience is fully engaged

 Sign up new clients with ease...whenever you want!

 You know what your focus is for the next 90 Days, and you're pumped to execute!

You've simplified to multiply your success and your business is streamlined, easy and fun to run!

You're doing business your way and getting amazing results!

Every month is a new, fun adventure and YOU'RE LOVING IT!

Step by step you're moving to $5K, $10K, and beyond months!

Everything you need is in this group program!
It's time to roll up your sleeves, take messy inspired ACTION, and get results!

Every business needs a money making sales machine that shines the spotlight on their products/services and
creates offers that SELL.

Imagine what it would be like to have a
steady flow of high-quality clients whenever you want! 

A money making machine that enables you to:

Launch With

Sell Out
Your Offers

Fill Your
1-on-1 Spots

Have a
Client Waitlist

5-Figure Months

Grow Your

Are you ready for these results?
Because this is exactly what we are going to do for your business in this program!

Here's how the Client and Cash Activator works:

Kicks off with a New Member Orientation Session and the Stand Out and Get Clients Now! Exercise.  
Start each month with the Celebrate and Plan Your Awesome Month Call.
3 Live Virtual Coaching and Accountability Calls includes Q&A sessions so you're crystal clear on each step and we bust through any mindsets that are holding you back. 
Monthly Challenges to step up your marketing so it gets results. 
Weekly Open Office Hours whenever you need some extra support.
Private Facebook Group for unlimited brainstorming, coaching and questions 
Bite-sized "in the moment" training sessions and actions. 
Tool recommendations and walkthroughs.
Sample Money Making Events that work.   
Swipe files and so much more...
Your Clients and Cash Activator

For those who commit to their success

Sign up for 3 months get a Private 90-Day Sprint Planning Session
Sign up for 6 months  get two Private 90-Day Sprint Planning Sessions

1) The Client and Cash Activator Program support women from all over the world. Each week there is a minimum of 2 sessions that you can choose from to match your time zone. 
2) I believe in the power of small group coaching, so each session will be a maximum of 8 people. New sessions will be added as needed to accommodate the number of members in the program. 

Heather I'm interested, can we chat to see if it is right for me?

Absolutely, book a free 30-minute "no pressure" call to make sure it is a fit. 

What clients are saying

Kim Wright

No More Playing Safe!

I've experienced many break through since working with Heather. Nailing my area of expertise was the start of what I need for my business. I've always know what I wanted for my business but with a broad skill set deciding on one thing I could offer was always a challenge. It is with Heather helps that System in Week was born. 

Kim Wright

I'm Moving Forward!