Attention Women Business Owners!
 If you are ready to take action and achieve results,
 I'm here to help!

It is time to stop learning and start doing
so that you get the results you want NOW!

It is time to focus on YOUR unique path to success!

Ignite Your Market Momentum membership
Group Coaching Program

This membership is for you if you:

Are ready to take ACTION, and do the work
Feel like you're working hard but SPINNING in place
Want consistent monthly GROWTH
Know you get results when you are held ACCOUNTABLE
Realize you need BUSINESS SYSTEMS that consistently bring in clients with ease

Momentum Membership isn't like other programs. 

It's all about ACTION!

You'll be 100% focused on creating and working your unique 90-Day Success Plans until you see the results you want!

This membership isn't another program where you access endless videos showing you what to do. It is about rolling up your sleeves and doing the work.

It's a combination of: 
A supportive MastermInd
Taking Ownership

The Ignite Your Market Momentum Membership includes:

Planning Call

Group Coaching & Accountability Calls

Mini Live Training

Supportive Private
Voxer Group

Momentum Membership
Is designed to support you to:

Crystalize your goals, your ideal audience, and your magnetic message so you're drawing your future clients to you!
Systemize so that you can attract clients with ease and focus your energy on the most profitable and result-oriented places.
Monetize, yes, it's time to monetize your talents and expertise, sell out your offers and scale your business.
Realize, shift your mindset and confidence, and activate your unique client attraction and money-making system.


You know what to focus on for the next 90 Days, and are pumped to execute!

Sitting down at your desk and knowing exactly what to do each day!

Knowing your marketing is rocking it and your audience is growing and fully engaged

 Signing up new clients with ease...whenever you want!

Selling out your offers, month after month!

You've simplified to multiply your success, and your business is streamlined, easy, and fun to run!

You're doing business your way and getting results!

Every month is a new, fun adventure, and YOU LOVE IT!

It's time to roll up your sleeves,
take messy inspired ACTION, and get results!

How the Ignite Your Market Momentum Membership works:

Each month starts with the Celebrate and Plan Your Awesome Month Call - time to commit to your winning actions for the month. 
1 Live Mini-Training and Check-in Call - each monthly mini-training will be aligned with the actions and needs of the group members.
2 to 3 Live Virtual Coaching and Accountability Calls - so you're crystal clear on each step, and we bust through any mindsets that hold you back. 
Private Voxer Group for unlimited brainstorming, coaching, questions, and celebrations!  
Tech Stack recommendations and walkthroughs.
Bonus Stand Out and Get Clients Now! Exercise.  

All calls are held on Zoom 
on Wednesdays at 10 am EST. 

 The Momentum Membership Program support women from all over the world, so call times may be adjusted. 

I believe in the power of small group coaching. 

Each session will be a maximum of 8 people.

We will add new sessions to the program to keep the groups small and accommodate all members and their respective time zones.

Special Offer

Limited Time Offer

Join the Ignite Your Market Momentum Membership
for October 2023 and kick off your membership with the
Accelerator 90-Day Planning VIP Workshop 
Wednesday October 4th from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
($197 Value)

Special Offer


Reconnect with your
Business Vision.


Get clear on your money-making goals and client getting activities.


Do a quick "what's working"
and "what isn't working"


Identify systems that support your success


Create and commit to your unique 90-Day Success Plan


Get into ACTION and

It's time to roll up your sleeves,
take messy inspired ACTION, and get results!

Let's go!


The Ignite Your Market Momentum Monthly Membership includes:

Celebrate and Plan Your Awesome Month Call
Mini-Training and Check-in Call
2 to 3 Virtual Coaching and Accountability Calls
Private Voxer Group for unlimited brainstorming, coaching, questions, and celebrations!

Pay as you go! 
Only $188 USD per month

Canadians - Pay as you go! 
Only $245  per month


Price doesn't include HST/GST for Canadians

Real people, real results!

I'm Moving Forward!

Heather, I have said it before and I will say it're freaking awesome! I have been working on some stuff and you really clarified some things for me. I just need to get myself organized...I'm moving forward!!! Thank you!!

Glenda Barrington

Glenda Barrington

I Glow with Confidence!

After a coaching call with Heather, I often glow with confidence and excitement. Heather has a talent for breaking through my overwhelm and transforming my broad ideas in my business into specific manageable actions that help me to service my clients with ease.