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Create Your Marketing Message That Connects and Gets Results!

If your messaging isn’t connecting or is unclear it’s very difficult to attract the right people. You can try all the marketing techniques out there and you may still struggle to get clients.

Confused people don’t engage!
Confused people don’t buy!

This course is for you if you are ready for an easy, fun, step-by-step process to craft your unique Marketing Message that so clear and specific that your ideal clients are says:

"OMG! That’s exactly what I need.
It’s like you’ve create this just for me!

In the 5-day video course you'll start by getting crystal clear on who your ideal client is and what they want. Then you'll craft YOUR unique marketing message that:

Skyrockets your visibility 
Is memorable, people are talking about you and 
Most importantly, attracts your ideal clients!

Hi, I'm Heather Cameron and I'm delighted you're ready to craft a marketing message that stands out.

I'm Heather Cameron, Client Attraction Strategist and Business Coach. I'm passionate about helping women create thriving businesses by focusing on their messaging and client attraction strategy.

I combine my engineering, and coaching background with my natural intuition, and problem solving skills, to help women business owners like you, nail your message, develop your success plan, get into action and get results.

I understand how difficult it can be to stand out in a crowd and grab people's attention. My business changed when I stopped spinning in the "know, like and trust cycle" and focused on attracting my ideal buyers/clients. 

Such great training, Heather! You took something that can be hard to wrap your head around and made it easy. I have so much clarify now around creating a message that connects.

Stacy Meyers

Stacy meyers

Heather, this has been a fabulous 5-Day experience - you did an amazing job and I have learned some invaluable pieces for my ongoing marketing and messaging. 

Moira hutchison

Awesome framework Heather, thank you. 

I loved this 5-day challenge as it help me get super clear on my ideal client. It wasn't always easy but worth the effort. 

Glenda Barrington

Glenda Barrington

The challenge helped me step into the person that always was there. I have to tell you that the view is wonderful from where I am standing. **Thank you** by far the best challenge I have participated in. 

Cathy Bishop

 Get instant access to the 5-Day Video Course

Stand Out &
Attract Clients NOW!

Create Your Marketing Message That Connects and Get Results!

What would happen in your business if your message
made your ideal client say"I want that NOW!"?

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