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What clients are saying

Kim Wright

No More Playing Safe!

I've experienced many break through since working with Heather. Nailing my area of expertise was the start of what I need for my business. I've always know what I wanted for my business but with a broad skill set deciding on one thing I could offer was always a challenge. It is with Heather helps that System in Week was born. 

Kim Wright

I'm Moving Forward!

Heather has the ability to see my potential, even when I can't! She is pro-active and able to see when I'm struggling, quite often before I'm aware of it, and like the super-coach she is, swoops in and gives me the tools I need to get back on track! I totally recommend working with Heather

Glenda Barrington

I Launched my Program!

As my business coach, Heather assisted me in launching my program Thriving After Your Midlife Divorce. Working with new technology is not my favourite and Heather's technical expertise was invaluable. With the benefits of Heather's coaching, I now have new ideas for my services and concrete plans for offering my programs virtually. 

Vickie Townson

I Finally Did It!

Look how far I've come in 6 weeks!! 

It all started with you trying to pull out of me something I wanted to do but couldn't see how. Then supporting me each step of the way as I implemented each strategy.  I'm so excited 6 people have signed up so far!

Cheryl Green Smith

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