Get Unstuck, Focused, and Back in Action!


Ignite Your Market VIP Coaching intensive

We all get stuck

Here is the truth we are often too close to our business to see things clearly. We spin in our heads, feeling stuck, and we hold ourselves back.

Or maybe you are not stuck, but you would like some help to:

Put an idea into action.
Create your Action Plan for the next 90 days.
Refine your messaging so it connects and stands out.
See what is holding your back.

I get it! It happens to me too!

Sometimes we all need outside eyes on our business to see what we can not see ourselves.

That's what I'm here for!

I'm consistently asked "Can I borrow your brain?" or "How did you see that when I couldn't?"

That why I created the
Your Market VIP Coaching Intensive!

Ready to get Unstuck?

This is your time to "rent my brain" and focus on your business.
Here are just a few ideas of what we can work on together during this Intensive:

Your Core Marketing Message

Brainstorm Your
Next Offer

Create Your 90-Day Success Plan

Focus on Building Your Audience

It's up to you, what do you want to focus on?

Here's how the Ignite Your Market
VIP Coaching Intensive works:

Choose Your Format of Your Session

The Ignite Your Market VIP Coaching Intensive is available in one of two formats depending on what suits your style and your situation best.

90-Minute Power Call

This is for you if you do best with a focused face-to-face conversation over a shorter period of time. 

We'll meet over Zoom for our 90-minute to focus and drill down on your need. There will be time to brainstorm ideas, answer questions and drill down whatever need. 

Voxer VIP Coaching Intensive

Half-Day Coach in Your Pocket

This is for you if you do best when you have time to process and reflect before responding. And/or it easier for you to fit a VIP Intensive around your busy day.

You'll have remote access to me using the Voxer APP. You're session will run from 10 am EST to 2 pm EST, or 2 pm to 6 pm EST. If need a different time reach out and we'll make it work.

Don't worry we won't be talking for 4 hours straight! The beauty of Voxer Coaching is it give you time to think and mull over your questions and ideas as our conversation flow back and forth through text and voice message. It will allows you to dig deep, while having the time to think.

Your Investment

The price for an Ignite Your Market VIP Coaching Intensive is

$197 USD

Includes applicable taxes.

Featured Testimonials from a few Clients

Kim Wright

No More Playing Safe!

I've experienced many break through since working with Heather. Nailing my area of expertise was the start of what I need for my business. I've always know what I wanted for my business but with a broad skill set deciding on one thing I could offer was always a challenge. It is with Heather helps that System in Week was born. 

Kim Wright

I'm Moving Forward!

Heather has the ability to see my potential, even when I can't! She is pro-active and able to see when I'm struggling, quite often before I'm aware of it, and like the super-coach she is, swoops in and gives me the tools I need to get back on track! I totally recommend working with Heather

Glenda Barrington

Are You Ready to Join Now?

Here's exactly what you're getting...

Coaching Intensive - You choose either a 90-minute Power Call on Zoom OR a Half-Day Coach in Your Pocket over Voxer. We'll work on whatever you choose with emphasis on getting into ACTION and getting results.
Business Health Check to set the stage and help you get the most out of the session.

Contact Information


Payment Information

Order Summary

Hi, I'm Heather Cameron

I'm a Client Attraction Strategist, and Business Coach. I'm passionate about helping women create thriving businesses.

I combine my natural intuition, engineering, and coaching background to help you simplify and systemize your client attraction system that turns followers into awesome paying clients, even while you're sleeping! 

I've been helping women create and grow successful businesses for over 15 years, and I'd love to help you too!

This is a unique opportunity to get one-on-one coaching, support, and accountability at a fraction of the price of my regular coaching. It's an amazing deal!

Ready to get started?

What is Voxer?

Voxer is a free app that turns your phone into a walkie-talkie. Voxer allows you to directly contact me in a private channel, so you can easily share your ideas, ask questions, seek advice, brainstorm solutions and put it all together. 

The beauty of using Voxer is that you can speak things out loud as they come up, have time to thinking and work on your needs.

Why Voxer?

Because it works! Really! 

I've worked with my own coach over Voxer and there is nothing like it. I can share my thoughts and questions in the moment when they're happening. My clients love it! 

Imagine yourself …

  • Talking through your new idea while it’s still in the messy stage.
  • Work through mindset blocks in the moment. 
  • Discussing your next steps for your unique Action Plan.
  • Feeling confident that you're on the right track for your business.
  • Being supported and held accountable to your own unique plan. 

It not only gives you direct 1:1 private access to me, but you get to go at your own pace. You have time to consider what we're talking about before you respond, and you can go back and listen to important messages in your own time.

What if the times don't work for me because I'm in a different time zone?

The normal Voxer Intensive hours are either 10 am EST to 2 pm EST or 2 pm EST to 6 pm EST. If you are in another time zone we'll do our best to figure out a day and time that will work for both of us. Email me and we'll figure it.

What will we work on?

Whatever you need! 

We'll start with some questions to drill down on what you want to focus on, then we'll get work.

Is this coaching program with you personally?

Yes, all of the coaching will be with me. I love this program; I love working directly with clients and seeing the results they get from taking quick inspired action! 

When does it start?

As soon as you register you'll receive instructions on how to set up Voxer. Once we've connected on Voxer we'll schedule your time and I'll send you some background questions to get things going.

I have a limited amount of VIP Coaching Intensive spots per month. I'll work with you to schedule your session as soon as possible.

Am I a good fit? (Have more questions?)

The VIP Coaching Intensive is a great option if you want to drill down on one thing quickly. If you think you'll want more support I have other programs that might be a better fit. If you want to make sure this program is a good fit for you book a quick call here:

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