Hello, and Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in being a guest expert on the 
October 2022 Scrapbooking Fun Summit

The Details

Important Dates

Summit dates: Wednesday October 12th to Sunday October 16th. 
Summit Promotion Dates: September 26th to October  12th
Presentation Due Date: October 1st, 2022 

Who the Summit for?

This summit for everyone, from beginners to seasoned scrapbookers and cardmarkers,  who has a love for scrapbooking and FUN! 

The October 2022 summit's focus is on everything Christmas, from amazing Christmas cards and layouts to Christmas gifts that will bring tears of joy to loved ones. 

What's in it for you?

As one of the featured presenters, you will be able to showcase your expertise and brilliance along with other scrapbooking and card making experts. 

You will also leverage your exposure by being introduced to the lists and social followings of the entire panel of  presenters . That means 25+ other passionate scrapbooking experts promoting you, so you can expand your reach and impact more people!

You will have the opportunity to offer a free "gift" that leads to your opt-in page, where our paper crafting enthusiasts can sign up so you can capture new leads.

About us, your summit hosts: 

Tracy Sundue is your scrapbooking and card making expert (Add details) 

Heather Cameron is your summit expert (Add detail)


Minimum list size of 1,000
Submit a 20 to 30 minute pre-recorded presentation/demonstration 
Send 2 solo emails to your full email list during the promotional period and 1 on the day your presentation is live.
Promote on social media at least 3 times during the promotional period and before presentation air date.
Option but highly encourage - Get to know our scrapbookers and card makers by participating in our Facebook Community and you'll have to the opportunity to go Live on the day of your presentation. 

Promotional Material:

All the promotional material will be provided to you by September 15th, 2022 including images and copy for solo emails, newsletter blurbs, and social media posts.

Next Step:

If it is YES, I want in to the FUN!  Please fill out the Presenter Intake Form by clicking the button below

We'll be sending you a welcome email with all the details and a simple presenter contract via email. 

If you have any other questions? Please let us know at fun@scrapbookingfunsummit.com.

 We are happy to schedule a quick call to have an introduction, learn about how we can showcase you, and answer any questions you may have.