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Kick-Start 2023!
5-Day Challenge

Day 4: Shifts to Step Up and make more in 2023! 

Step 1: Watch the "Day Four" video below
Step 2: Complete the activity and share in the thread
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Step 4: Have FUN!

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Step 1: Watch Today's Video

Step 2: Day Four Activity 

Download today's workbook

Go to the Day 4 Thread in the Bold and Successful Women Business Owners Facebook group and share your daily activity in the comments

- Brainstorm all the things holding your back. 

- Write them on individual pieces of paper and destroy them (tear up, or burn them).

- Share at least one thing you're going to leave behind in 2022.

- Change the narrative for your top 3 stories and share them in today's thread.

Step 3: Join me Live for the Coffee and Review Session. 

I'll be Live today at 2:00 pm EST to provide feedback and answer any questions in our Facebook Group

Step 4: Have Fun!

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